LC parents and educators concerned over civility in schools

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Nearly one hundred concerned parents and educators from southwest Louisiana attended the "Civility in Our School" forum on Friday at the Holiday Inn in Lake Charles.

Speakers held sessions throughout the day addressing issues concerning civility practices among students in school.

"We're working hard to present a case to the teachers, parents, and principals here on how important civility is," said Peggy Post, an author and speaker at Friday's forum.

According to the forum's discussions, recent surveys show that more Americans believe civility in schools has fallen by the wayside. Post added that increased technology and negative role models in the media are contributing factors.

"There's so much technology that everything is just right there in front of all of us and we have too much information," said Post.

In Post's address on Friday, the author stressed some vital tips to teaching students civility at a young age.

"Remember the golden rule, and always behave the way we want our children to behave," said Post. "Give them a reason for doing something nice for others."

Denise Palmer, a Lake Charles mother, attended Friday's forum in hopes of learning how to better enforce civility practices for her 2 sons that are still in school.

"I have one son that has been bullied for two years," said Palmer. "And because he has a lot of respect for his peers it became an issue."

Palmer learned some better ways to subtly address her sons' civility through Friday's forum.

"I think this is something more parents need to think about doing," said Palmer. "It takes a village to raise a child. It will only make the world a better place to live in."

The forum is a part of the Community Foundation's Signature Civic Initiative that is underwritten by the Foundation's Juliet Hardtner Fund.