AirMed expands fleet

Acadian AirMed lifts off with a new set of choppers in the fleet. Three new helicopters are already in use in the southwestern region and each has a 40 percent larger interior than previous models.

"This aircraft is going to allow us to carry two patients or even in some cases three care givers for critically injured patients that have majors gear on," said Marc Creswell, Operation Manager at AirMed.

Transporting patients to area hospitals quickly is the key to saving lives, said Creswell.

"We don't even count minutes. We count seconds," added Creswell.

He said, many times a helicopter is three times faster than ground transportation.

"If we can get the patient to where they need to be for definitive care and trauma, strokes and heart attacks, they've got a much better chance of survival or not having a debilitating illness to deal with," said Creswell.

During the hurricanes of 2005 helicopters evacuated hospitals and rescued victims flying over and often through storms.

"We were able to impact 900 patients in Katrina. We were able to evacuate people ahead of Rita and we're prepared to do that again," assured Creswell.

The one year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is fast approaching and Creswell remembers well the deployment of AirMed helicopters to rescue workers April 20, 2010.

"If you don't have transportation during severe weather those guys are stuck out there and for them it's not minutes it's hours," explained Creswell.

Acadian AirMed has three new helicopters on the fleet and are adding three more this summer.

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