LaGrange student arrested for making a bomb threat

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A 16 year-old LaGrange High School student has been booked into the Juvenile Detention Center after making a bomb threat at school on Tuesday.

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Safe School deputies responded to the incident at approximately 1:40 p.m. on Tuesday after a teacher found a note slipped under the door about a bomb threat in the school.

While authorities could not release exactly what the note said, they did confirm that the note showed frustration with the school system and included intentions of blowing up the school.

School officials placed the school on lock down at that point.

"We launched our investigation first of all looking for any suspicious package or depending on what the call said," said Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

Authorities collected evidence that pointed to a 16 year-old male student at LaGrange High School.

"During his interrogation he did admit to writing the note and they had other evidence to substantiate that," said Sheriff Mancuso.

Authorities want to emphasize to juveniles the consequences that come with making bomb threats.

"I don't think they understand the seriousness of it or what the ramifications of their life could be for something like this," said Sheriff Mancuso.

The LaGrange student has been arrested and charged with communication of false bomb threat. If convicted, a felony will remain on his record and he could face up to 25 years in prison with our without hard labor.

"It's very serious and can really damage a young person's life and a possible career with having that on their record," said Sheriff Mancuso. "So it's not something that we take lightheartedly or that we think is just a joke or a prank."

The student charged with communication of a false bomb threat remains in jail. Authorities added that more bomb threats happen near the end of the school year than any other time of year.