April 6, 2011 - Sam Holden

During the Korean War, bombing missions over North Korea were a common occurrence.  And for Sulphur's Sam Holden, those strafing runs were quite routine.

"We didn't fly in the daytime, because we wouldn't have been a match for the jets that the opposition had," said Holden.  "At night, they couldn't see us."

Holden was a navigator and bombardier in B-26s in Korea.  He even has a collection of pins from the bombs he dropped.

"I saved a pin from each mission and I wrote on there the results of the mission and how many vehicles we had dropped bombs on and how many we had claimed to have destroyed."

Holden also flew in B-29s during World War 2 shortly before that war ended.  He says he had plenty of close calls.

"You know the scary things at the time it's happening, it's not scary then.  It's later you get to thinking about it."

"I guess I learned how to really trust my life with God.  I just had the confidence that God was going to take care of me."

Sam Holden, this week's KPLC Billy Navarre Hometown Patriot.

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