Lake Charles Fire Department conducting flushing of hydrants

The following is a news release from the City of Lake Charles:

Today, the Lake Charles Fire Department (LCFD) began conducting its semi-annual testing of water hydrants.  Citizens should be aware that the flushing of hydrants – which stirs up iron particles and other settled material -- may result in a temporary rust-colored condition in the water lines of residences or businesses when they use the water.

"Use of the water by the customer during or shortly after the hydrant testing pulls in the discolored water," said Russell Buckels, George West Plant Superintendent.   "This is a temporary condition and the water is safe for domestic usage." he said.  "If a citizen experiences discoloration in the water, we recommend that the customer try flushing their lines for approximately five minutes.  If the water doesn't clear up, we ask that the customer wait approximately an hour and try flushing again.  If the water continues to be discolored, citizens should call 491-1598 or 491-1599, or after hours at 491-1483.

"The Lake Charles Fire Department is required to conduct the testing of water hydrants twice a year as one of the requirements to maintain its Class Two Fire Rating.  The testing of City water hydrants will continue through the month of April.  During this time, residents experiencing discoloration in their water may pick up a cleaning detergent provided by the LCFD that should get the red out of clothing," said Lake Charles Fire Department Chief Keith Murray.

The cleaning detergent is available at the following locations: the LCFD Administration building at 4200 Kirkman St., LCFD fire trucks, or your neighborhood fire house.  Citizens may also call 491-1598 or 491-1599.