Testimony reveals Bailey's behavior after shootings

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - When a Mississippi Police officer found Joel Bailey, several days after his parents had been shot, he was practically naked under the Homo Chitto Bridge in Mississippi--behavior that would no doubt support an insanity defense.

According to testimony and evidence, he had gone swimming in the river and his clothes were swept away when the river rose. Yet, Bailey told the same police officer he was scared to walk on the road because someone might be looking for him-- testimony helpful to prosecutors if it suggests he knew he had done something wrong when he shot and killed his father and wounded his mother.

As to how he got to Mississippi, he told officers he didn't know--that he just drove until his truck ran out of gas-- even though he apparently had money with him at some point.

As well, officers who transported Bailey from Mississippi described him as quiet and cooperative...even in good spirits and happy to be coming home to Louisiana-- as well as glad he had a ride and wouldn't have to walk.

Bailey is charged with first degree murder of his father Eugene and attempted first degree murder of his mother who survived the shooting.

Joel Bailey's mother Dorothy is to testify about what happened the night she and her husband were shot... She'll no doubt also be able to provide insight as to his mental problems and their severity over the ten plus years since he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The jury is off Saturday and Sunday and reports back Monday morning.

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