March 30, 2011 - Joe Lowenthal

Those who know him well call Joe Lowenthal a survivor.  The successful Lake Charles businessman was soldier in World War Two, when his leg was severely wounded in the Battle of the Bulge.  His friend and doctor, Lesley Warshaw, says he was left for dead.

"His survival instincts, possibly as the result of being a Boy Scout, or the fact that he was Jewish and the Germans were not far away, and he didn't want to be a casualty of war," said Dr. Warshaw.  "He just crawled. That's all he could do was drag his leg."

Fellow poker club member Ted Meinscher says Lowenthal showed determination.

"He had to have that to begin with in order to go through the survival mode that he did while he was in combat," said Meinscher.

Lowenthal spent two years in the hospital undergoing six surgeries. To this day, he still has a bone infection related to the injuries.  His wife says the memories remain too.

"He did have dreams and he does relive all of it again over and over," said Beverly Lowenthal.  "Even recently. It has stayed with him all this time."

Joe went on to become owner of the One Hour Martinizing Outlets in the Lake Area and owner of the Charles Cinema.

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