Which light will light up the Ryan Streetscape?

Area residents and officials from the Downtown Development Authority Board met in downtown Lake Charles on Sunday to help decide the Ryan Streetscape lighting.

The lighting contractor illuminated two lights using a generator.

One light is a more traditional streetlight. The other is a modern LED streetlight.

One of the lights will be chosen as the new system of streetlights for downtown Ryan Street.

The traditional light would actually be easier and cheaper to install, but would likely cost the city more over time.

The LED lights would be little more expensive at first, but will save the city a lot more money over the long run.

Most people attending the light test on Sunday seemed to prefer the LED light.

The Downtown Development Authority Board will have the ultimate say.

DDA members told 7 News a decision over which light to go with would be made very soon.

The Ryan Streetscape will be completed in 15 phases, over a 15 month period.

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