Runaway pet tortoise finally reunited with owner

HOMESTEAD, FL (CNN) - A South Florida man, shell shocked when his pet tortoise got away, was reunited with his pet after the man who picked up the 80-pound creature refused to return it.

Alex the tortoise wandered off from David Garcia's home.

Garcia began his search which included hanging missing tortoise signs.

Then, a neighbor called Garcia telling him he had spotted the roving reptile, and called animal services.

Since animal services didn't deal with turtles, a man who has a wildlife show came and got Alex.

That's when the turtle turmoil began.

After getting a call from Garcia, the other man refused to give back the animal.

However, after getting the police involved, Alex was handed back to his owner.

Garcia has since upgraded his backyard to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"I went through all of this and turned the yard into a small construction site, and got it taken care of, so now everything is up to spec, and Alex is back," Garcia said.

Garcia said the animal is so special to him because he has had him for the past 14 years.

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