Redistricting the focus of special legislative session

BATON ROUGE, La (KPLC) - State lawmakers gathered in Baton Rouge on Sunday night to begin work redrawing Louisiana's political boundaries.

Because of the results of the 2010 Census, which found Louisiana did not grow as fast as other states, the state will lose one congressional district, taking it from seven to six seats.

Now, it's up to state lawmakers to come up with a plan to redraw the districts and do so in a way that's reasonable for all.

Much of the concern over redistricting has come from Southwest Louisiana, where residents have been overwhelmingly opposed to lawmakers splitting up the 7th District's two largest metropolitan areas, Lafayette and Lake Charles.

Area lawmakers say they won't support any plan that does that and they're confident the two cities will remain in the same congressional district.

In addition, lawmakers also have to redraw the boundaries for their own districts for the state House and Senate.

Lawmakers have until April 13th to decide on redistricting, before they move on to the regular session and focus almost exclusively on the budget.

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