Jindal proposes crime legislation package

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA.(KPLC) - Governor Bobby Jindal has announced a legislative package aimed at cracking down on crimes that target children and other vulnerable people such as the infirmed or elderly. It's a package law enforcement says will provide more tools to monitor sexual predators and better define illegal drugs.

The governor is proposing five bills aimed at protecting against sexual predators and others who target children or other vulnerable people. For example they want to prevent predators from using social networking sites as tools to prey on children.  "We'll be proposing legislation to keep these predators off of the online chat books, chat pages, my space, facebook and these other places where they can go to go after our children. We're also going to pass legislation to make it a crime for them to be anywhere without their id's identifying them as sex offenders either on their drivers license or another picture ID," said Jindal.

Jindal also announced proposed legislation to expand laws to criminalize synthetic marijuana and bath salts and to close loopholes. Says Jindal, "These are different drugs that drug pushers are manufacturing to get around the drug laws. We signed an emergency rule back in January becoming one of the first states to ban these bath salts because we saw the injuries, the fatalities happening all over the country. Now other states are copying and following our lead. We're going to have even stronger legislation this session."

The bottom line says Jindal is that they will do whatever is necessary to protect children in Louisiana. "Before we passed bills like the castration bill and other bills. We're going to continue to do whatever it takes to protect our children. I make that commitment not only as governor but as the father of three young children. Our message to predators is pretty simple. You don't want to harm a child in Louisiana because we're going to have the toughest laws in the entire country."

The bills will be pursued in the upcoming regular session. The governor was in Sulphur where he awarded 212 veterans the Louisiana Veterans Honor Medal.

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