Rebuilding Millennium Park fundraising effort underway

The following is a news release from The City of Lake Charles:
A fundraising committee is being established to direct fundraising efforts on behalf of the rebuilding of Shiver Me Timbers Millennium Park.  Organizers have set a goal of raising $350,000 from the community to contribute toward the cost of rebuilding the park. The remainder of the funds needed -- to include an expanded playground area -- will be provided by the City.

Mayor Roach and the committee have recommended to the City Council that Millennium Park be rebuilt as a newly designed park due to the extensive damage the park received and the difficulties that would be faced in attempting to restore it to its original state.

The new Millennium Park will be designed for maximum safety, will include more interactive and enhanced play components and will be accessible for children of all play abilities.  The new park will be part of an expanded play area that will include a spray park, lighting, security cameras, fencing, walking track, shaded picnic areas and related improvements.

The City has contracted for the clearing this week of the present Millennium Park playground area to prepare the site for the building of the new park and the proposed improvements.  Every effort will be made to salvage materials and incorporate them into the new design.

The total cost of the new Millennium Park is estimated to be $650,000. The additional improvements planned for the expanded play area are currently projected to cost $1.8 million for a total construction budget of $2.45 million.

Visit the City of Lake Charles web site homepage at and Rebuilding Millennium Park under Hot Topics for information regarding rebuilding suggestions, volunteering or making donations.