More trouble for Japanese nuclear power plant

Associated Press

TOKYO (AP) - A Japanese nuclear safety official says the water inside the waste fuel storage pool for a damaged reactor at a nuclear power plant may be boiling. The water is supposed to be kept cool to prevent the spent fuel rods from resuming nuclear reactions.

The storage pond is where there was a reactor fire that released elevated radiation into the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Japanese officials are telling people who are still within 19 miles of the power plant crippled by the earthquake and tsunami to stay indoors. Officials say elevated levels of radiation could be a danger to people's health.

Although 70,000 people closest to the plant were evacuated, about 140,000 in the new warning zone remain. There were explosions at three of the plant's other reactors.

The death toll following Friday's earthquake and tsunami has risen above 2,700, although officials expect at least 10,000 dead from one province alone.

The rescue of a 70-year-old woman provided a rare bit of good news in Japan. The woman was found inside her home, which had been swept away by the tsunami.

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