Basile celebrates 100 years

By Brandon Richards - bio | email

BASILE, La (KPLC-TV) – The town of Basile celebrated 100 years on Sunday.

The celebration included a parade through downtown, games, and live music, including special performances by the Basile Sing Out and Nashville recording artist, Basile resident Jody Austin.

Over at the town's library, senior citizens recalled what the town was like decades ago when they were young.

Dolores Duplechin, now a resident of Lake Charles, said life in Basile was much simpler back then.

"Our social life was the school. Actually the school, the church and the movie theater," recalls Duplechin. "I said when I graduated from Basile High School, these were the best years of my life and I still say that."

Louis Jeans moved to Basile as a child.

"Our people from east Texas and the Bible Belt said 'Oh Lord you doing down there with all those heathens and everything?'" recalls Jeans. "[But] I'm really happy that I lived in Basile and met all these good people."

The centennial celebration also included the grand opening of the Nathan Abshire museum.

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