Vandals leave Westlake fire truck unserviceable

By Crystal Price - bio | email

MOSSVILLE, LA (KPLC) - Vandalism at a Westlake Fire Department leaves the only truck at the fire station in Mossville out of service.

Vandals busted the truck's windshield and windows with an ax, dented the lights, and ripped off one of the logos of the truck. The truck is left unserviceable due to the extensive damage.

Westlake firefighters first discovered the vandalism on Wednesday when a passerby noticed the door was open.

"When they approached it and saw the door was ripped open, they knew something was wrong," said Chief Jacques Picou with the Westlake Fire Department.

Fire officials said the suspect broke in through the back door and used the fire department's ax to beat up the fire truck. Nothing was taken from the fire station, however.

"All the equipment is intact and everything that makes this truck a fire truck is here," said Picou.

Although nothing was taken, the extensive damage leaves the truck out of service. Fire officials said this particular fire truck is valuable to their response time to the folks in Mossville.

"It carries 3,000 gallons of water because we don't have an adequate water system in Mossville and this truck is no longer serviceable," said Picou.

Westlake Fire Department does have a reserve fire truck if needed. However, that does not compensate for the damages done to the truck.

"This is heartbreaking to firefighters because we try to keep our equipment up in the best shape as possible for as long as possible," said Picou. "This is a step backwards for us, but it's a slap in the face to citizens."

The Westlake Fire Department is still waiting on the insurance company to get estimates on the damage. If you have any information on the vandalism at the Westlake Fire Department, contact the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office at (337) 491-3600.

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