Board of Regents controversy, Rev. Jesse Jackson gets involved

By Michael Addison - email

BATON ROUGE, La. (KPLC) - The recent controversy surrounding diversity on the state's Board of Regents is getting national attention. Now, a well-known civil rights activist is getting involved.

Monday, Roland Toups, the oldest serving member on the board, resigned. Governor Jindal's office says Toups was asked to step down to make room for an African American member.

This comes just weeks after Southern students filed suit against the governor and Board of Regents, arguing the makeup of the board should include black members.

The students say they will continue their fight, and they'll have Rev. Jesse Jackson on their side. He plans to make a stop at a Baton Rouge church Sunday as a show of support.

Meanwhile, Gov. Bobby Jindal has appointed a black doctor from Baton Rouge to the Board of Regents, hoping to answer the lack of diversity criticism. Baton Rouge vascular surgeon Albert Sam replaces Toups.

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