March 9, 2011 - LTC Keith Waddell

March 9, 2011 – LTC Keith Waddell

By John Bridges - bio | email

MOSS BLUFF, LA(KPLC) - Keith Waddell of Moss Bluff knows what hard work, dedication and commitment mean to his job. Not just as Commander of the 139th Support Group for the Louisiana National Guard, but also as an educator in Calcasieu Parish.  Waddell served in Iraq in 07 and 08 in Baghdad...making a neighborhood safe from insurgents.

"A large part of our work took part in Sadr City," said Waddell.  "While we were there, we constructed the wall that separated the market from Sadr City as an initiative to get them economy going again."

It wasn't always easy.

"You're in a combat situation.  We did have some of our vehicles that were hit by IEDs and EFPs.  There's always a lot of concern with that.  We lost one soldier when I was there, my new Sgt. Terrell Gilmore.  We had several injured along the way."

Waddell says the things he learned in the military translate well into his current job as coach and teacher at Sam Houston High.

"Those values I learned from my parents and from the military I think have given me everything I have.  I'm just trying to pass it on.  I know I'm at a very influential point as a teacher and a coach."

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