24th year for Tee Mamou Iota Mardi Gras Festival

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

TEE MAMOU-IOTA, LA (KPLC) - In rural Tee Mamou the serenity of the morning gives way to hootin' and hollerin' that signals Mardi Gras is here. And as the costumed and masked revelers collect fixin's for gumbo,  one big stop is at David and Peggy Frey's place. Says Peggy, "It's a tradition! This is how it would go years ago."  Her husband David agrees.  "We invite everyone who wants to come watch them chase chickens and guineas and roosters and we have a great time over here."

You can't help wondering just how many revelers it takes to outsmart one rooster as they run frantically and pound the walls of a shed where the nervous rooster has found a safe haven.  "I can't reach him!" yells one of the bandits as he looks under the shed on cinder blocks.

It's crazy and chaotic and pure insanity. One comes up to me and starts trying to wipe my camera lens with toilet paper, all the while acting a fool.  "I say, 'Quit that! Somebody call the pound!"

Someone next to me says, here give him a quarter.  There you go, coins to quell the savage beast.  Then as quickly as they arrive they're gone. They'll eventually arrive in downtown Iota where there's plenty more opportunities for food, drink and merry making before Mardi Gras is over.

Cajun delicacies run the gamut from cracklins and beignets to boudin balls and shrimp etoufee.

And, there's plenty chance to work off the Fat Tuesday treats.  Just get up there on the band stand where bands play through the afternoon.

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