Puppy survives attack, scoots in wheelchair

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – An 8 week old pit bull puppy, Scooter, suffers a serious spinal cord injury causing paralysis in his hind legs. Scooter's mother was neglected and left unattended by her owners while giving birth to her litter.  "She dismembered all of the other puppies," said Renee Smith, from Pit Bull Rescue. Scooter was the only pup to survive the attack, but the mother did manage to sever his spine leaving Scooter without the use of his hind legs. Smith said the attack is not normal, but she adds it can happen in all breeds.

"The owners that had scooter didn't want him," said Smith.

Pit Bull Rescue took over caring for the special needs puppy and their first step was acquiring a wheelchair.

"Our hope is that because he has never had the use of his back legs that he'll basically learn to walk in a wheel chair," said Smith.

Scooter practices using his wheelchair daily, but his upper body strength is low. His foster mother encourages him to push during physical therapy with a hot dog as a reward.

Though Smith has not rescued a wheelchair-bound pup before, many of her pit bull rescues have been through severe abuse or neglect. Some are even left as bait.

"A bait dog is a non-aggressive dog that they put in a ring with their fighting dog and let the other dog tear it apart," explained Smith.

Safe from abuse, Scooter will do just that, scoot in his wheelchair for the rest of his life. He will go up for adoption in a couple months after he becomes more accustomed to his wheel chair, is neutered and has all of his shots. For more information on Pit Bull Rescue or Scooter call (713) 854-1895.

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