Ramsdell makes brief court appearance in Clarkson trial

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA. (KPLC) - The trigger man who shot and killed 56 year old Jac Mayeux four years ago made a brief but dramatic appearance in State District Court in DeRidder this afternoon.

Inmate James Ramsdell was called into the courtroom during defense cross examination of a key witness in the first degree murder trial of Terry Clarkson.

Thirty one year old Ramsdell was handcuffed and wearing orange prison garb as he was brought into the courtroom-- to serve as a defense exhibit of sorts in Carson's trial. Though Clarkson is charged with murdering Mayeux in October 2007, it was actually Ramsdell who fired six or seven shots into Mayeux, including two to the head. Ramsdell is serving a life sentence for murder.

Defense attorney David Wallace had key state witness Darrell Bruce under cross examination-- when he stood up, pointed at Ramsdell and confirmed with Bruce that it was Ramsdell-- not Clarkson-- who had ordered the killing of Mayeux and who was basically calling the shots when it came to the events leading up to and in the aftermath of the murder of Jac Mayeux.

Wallace's cross examination aimed to attack Bruce's credibility-- since Bruce is the only eye witness to the killing and Clarkson's participation. He brought out that while Bruce was a juvenile he committed a felony theft of more than $2000 several months before the murder--and that Bruce once falsely accused a man of sexual battery.

As well, Wallace tried to point out inconsistencies between Bruce's statements to police and his testimony in court-- and worked to dispel the suggestion by prosecutors that Bruce was just an innocent kid caught up in the bad acts of two adults.

The trial resumes in the morning. Catch the latest developments on www.kplctv.com as we blog live from the courtroom.

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