"Shot" to the eye

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – A vodka shot in your eye is the latest trend flooding the internet with videos dubbed 'vodka eyeballing'.  Young people hold a bottle or shot glass filled with vodka to their eye and tip it back to drain into the eyeball. For buzz chasers the idea is a new way to ingest alcohol, but the method does not work, according to Dr. Robert Anderson, Emergency Physician at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.

"Physically it just doesn't make sense. You need a certain amount of quantity to get a buzz from alcohol. Your eyeball doesn't have a big receptacle so that you can pour a shot. If you pour a shot in your eye all of it except for maybe a drop is going to come right out," explained Dr. Anderson.

The burning sensation after an 'eye shot' causes most in the videos to yell with pain. If the pain does not get to you, then the damage to your cornea will.

"It really can cause scaring to your cornea. Worse, if it actually gets absorbed well into the optic nerve, it could kill your optic nerve and you'll never see again. You can't fix that," said Dr. Anderson.

Some may try vodka eyeballing to maintain their body image.

"If you can't take more than a drop than you're not going to gain any calories," said Dr. Anderson.

Dr. Anderson has not seen or heard of any cases in the Lake Charles area, but YouTube is flooded with videos. Many of these videos seem to come from across the Atlantic in England, said Dr. Anderson.

He also contacted several colleagues around the country who all said they have not seen any cases at their respective hospitals.

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