LaGrange students win national award for a commercial

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A group of students at LaGrange High School received national recognition for a commercial they created in a public relations class.

The commercial, "Hooray for NEO 2," was shot, written, and edited by the students taking the class. The commercial is advertising the wireless device, NEO 2, that teachers use in the classroom.

The students used the public relations skills they developed in the class to present a clear and creative message to sell the product. The NEO 2 commercial included creative shooting and editing, as well as a clever jingle rewritten by the students in the class.

"They used the melody for 'Hooray for Hollywood' and rewrote it for 'Hooray for NEO 2,'" said Shelly Buller, the public relations teacher at LaGrange.

The video placed 1st out of a 30 videos that competed nationwide. This is the first national award the class has received since the public relations department was launched in 2009.

"We started it last year and basically we opened it up to students who are leaders that have a desire to go into communications or public service," said Buller.

Buller added that the department provides the opportunity to gain hands on public relations and marketing experience while in high school.

"It gives them a lot of what the computer-driven design world is using, such as Apple Mac computers," said Buller.

Students who participated in both the class and the commercial said their favorite part of public relations is seeing the finished product.

"It's great knowing that we won and that people actually liked our commercial enough nationwide," said Joseph. "It was a great feeling."

Mrs. Buller encourages all students interested in public relations and marketing to consider taking the class next year.

"My hope is that a class like this will begin to grow for students who hope to go into public relations or marketing and sales," said Buller.

The grand prize rewarded to the students was an $850 white board for their technology department.

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