February 23, 1011 - Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson fondly remembers his days in the U.S. Marines during World War Two.  Like the time his tank division took part in a patriotic parade in New Zealand.

"That was flag day in New Zealand," recalled Thompson.  "It's similar to our 4th of July or Memorial Day.  It's a big celebration.  They had thousands of people down there and we went through there with five tanks."

Thompson's company took part in the battle Tarawa and Saipan.  He drove a Sherman tank.

"We could pick out gun placements that were out of rifle range and knock them out.  A few times we took out a few Japanese tanks and knocked them out before they got to us."

Thompson eventually ended up back in Washington D-C when the war ended.  He still remembers walking with his wife Josephine, also a Marine, the day Japan surrendered.

"We walked right down through the middle of Lafayette Square right by the White House.  People were so thick you just had to elbow your way through."

Thompson wrote down what happened during his war years in a book for his family.