New hip surgery, first in the nation

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) –  A new hip surgery is performed first in Lake Charles to repair a bone spur and remove a cist. When Yvonne Bevins learned she would be the first patient in the United States to have this surgery since the Federal Drug Administration approved it in December she was apprehensive.  Dr. John Noble, orthopaedic surgeon at The Center for Orthopaedics, reassured her saying, "[You] are not a guinea pig because really what we're doing is taking two well proven types of technology and we're marrying them together."

The procedure combines arthroscopic surgery with computer assisted surgery to help surgeons be more precise with the help of computer navigation. Dr. Noble dubbed it "GPS for the body." Surgeons can move their instruments around in the body while watching their location on a computer monitor.

Bevins was back to work in a week and says she does not have any residual pain.

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