Four more await trial in Gueringer case

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA.(KPLC) -Bryce Perkins is the man whose hand was on the gun that fired, killing Marine Daniel Gueringer at a party 4th of July weekend 2009. But four more people were indicted by a Calcasieu Grand Jury for their alleged roles in the events that led to the fatal shooting. First there's Austin Rousseau, charged with second degree murder as District Attorney John DeRosier explains. "He's charged that way because he brought the weapon to the party. He furnished the weapon to the shooter."

Another suspect, Taylor Johnson is charged with inciting a riot. Johnson figured prominently in the trial, various witnesses testimony suggested Johnson's behavior that night suggested he was looking for a fight, and set in motion the events that ultimately led to the killing. According to testimony Johnson allegedly called Perkins and Rousseau to the party where Gueringer was shot to death. Explains DeRosier, "Taylor Johnson is charged with inciting a riot. That charged is fixed for trial on June 6, 2011. And he is charged because he's the one who instigated all of this. He's the one that started all the problems at the party."

Charged with accessory after the fact to second degree murder are Derek Peloquin and Gregory Wisner for allegedly trying to help Perkins and Rousseau avoid arrest. "Obviously they're charged with accessory after the fact to second degree murder because they assisted the defendant in some form or fashion to either help him cover it up, or get away or in some form that gives them criminal culpability," said DeRosier.  Peloquin and Wisner are in jail.

At this point, the only one with a court date is Taylor Johnson set for trial June 6th.  Peloquin has been in jail since July 2009.

Wisner is serving a 12 year sentence for an unrelated offense for which his probation was revoked.

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