Gueringers: Daniel, forever in their hearts

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, (KPLC) - At the home of Bill and Sandra Gueringer there are many remembrances of their lost son Daniel-- shot and killed July 5th 2009. They are pleased about the conviction of Bryce Perkins. And they appreciate the testimony that shows them Daniel died as he lived--trying to help others. Bill Gueringer says, "We were grateful to find out Daniel was not in the fight but trying to resolve the fight."   Sandra agrees. "It shows his character. It means so much to us to know that Daniel, and that the community knows that Daniel was trying to help break up the fight. And they said later on that he was trying to push people back for their own safety"

As well, his parents and Daniel's sister Jackie are grateful for those at the scene who cared for Daniel in a way that allowed him to become an organ donor. "There were about four boys who stayed by his side after it happened and they made it possible with the medical staff for him to be an organ donor. And it's really what he wanted to do since he signed up to be in the Marines. He wanted to save lives."

Their pain will always be there, yet memories of Daniel and his achievements help sustain them. His Barbe High football award senior year--"He was always so motivated and I think he motivated the team to do the best that he could do. That was one of his qualities that he always did the best that he can do. The coach said if there's anyone I'd like to have next to me in a foxhole it would be Daniel Gueringer,"said Sandra.

In the Marines, he served in Iraq and at age 20, was head of his unit... Sandra says, "From the nine eleven tragedy he wanted to serve his country and be in the military to protect our country."

But Bill says it's their faith that allows them to honor his memory by living the way they should.  "We'll always miss him. But we know everything's okay. So all we have to do is continue on and try to live our lives the way we should. The way God wants us to live."

And they hope that what Daniel achieved in such a short life will inspire other young people to pursue high ideals and strive to do their best.

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