Futuristic 3-D dental imaging makes surgeries less painful

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) –A 3-dimensional dental imaging device can help shorten surgeries with a full skeletal view of bone density, nerves and blood vessels. The I-CAT uses minimal radiation and takes nine seconds to capture images of a patients jaw, sinus cavities and teeth.

Dr. Danny Domingue, dentist at Robinson Dental Group, said the main advantage is convenience. "We used to have to send these patients to a hospital or to a clinic to get scans," said Domingue.

The dentist can see infections and nerves prior to a surgery to avoid any excess pain during recovery. "Usually there is a correlation between the time of the procedure with the amount of post-operative swelling," explained Domingue. He said this device cuts the time of his surgeries in half.

Dentists can also use the device to plan an implant procedure. They can literally 'drag-and-drop' a tooth onto the image and simulate the surgery. The imaging device is relatively new to Southwest Louisiana dental offices, only a couple have installed them so far.

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