Watery, red eyes curable

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – Red, itchy eyes every morning are not just a symptom of sleepiness. Many people may have a gland inflammation called Blepharitis causing those crusty bits and dry eyes. Dr. Robert Janot, optometrist at Vision Source, says allergies and cold weather can make it worse.

"It's pretty hard to tell on your own. Sometimes there is crustiness and flakiness around the eyelashes particularly in the morning upon waking up," said Dr. Janot.

He recommends see you eye doctors for a diagnosis. Doctors test for Blepharitis with a special tint on your lower lids and a blue light. J.P. Miles discovered he had the problem after a year of watery eyes. Over the counter drops like Visine will not hurt your eyes, but they will not help rid you of Blepharitis either.

"Good home treatments particularly hot soaks and massages of the eyelids we can also use medications oral and topical medications in the eyes," said Dr. Janot.

Miles uses an eye wash everyday to ward off flare ups.

"You just close your eyes and rub it for a couple of minutes or so on each eye. Rinse it really well with warm water. Pat it dry and that's it," explained Miles.

Dr. Janot said Blepharitis most commonly occurs in fair-skinned Caucasians.

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