5-year-old saves grandfather's life in Singer

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHALRES, LA (KPLC) – A pint-sized hero saves her grandfather's life in Singer after he collapsed from a heart attack. Kaydence Massie, 5, was walking with her grandfather, Jack Massie, when he clutched his chest in pain. Without any other adults around to call an ambulance, Kaydence had to walk about a quarter of a mile to her aunt's house for help.

"She hollered, 'Aunt Jeanne! Papa needs you!' [Jeanne said] 'Well just let me get my shoes on.' Kaydence said, 'No! Papa needs you now!' In other words there's not time...it's desperate," explained Miriam Massie, Jack's wife.

Help arrived quickly and airlifted him to the hospital. Doctors had to implant a balloon into his artery to open up the blockage causing the heart attack, said Dr. Fernando Ruiz, cardiologist at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.

"Every minute, every second that is passing and your artery is still blocked is more damage to the heart, more damage to the heart muscle, weakening of the heart muscle and even death," described Dr. Ruiz.

Emergencies in rural areas around a 100 mile radius from the nearest hospitals are routine for paramedics in Southwest Louisiana.

"We receive calls in rural areas fairly often. It's the same percentage that happens inside the city that happens outside of the city," said William Vincent, Jr., one of the paramedics with Acadian Ambulance that responded to Jack Massie's emergency call.

Kaydence now knows how to dial 911 for help in case of an emergency and her grandfather is recovering well with physical therapy.

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