Witnesses say Perkins aimed gun toward Gueringer

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA. (KPLC) -Just what happened when U.S. Marine Daniel Gueringer was fatally shot?

Today, prosecutors brought forward more witnesses to the shooting, as they continue to build their case against accused gunman Bryce Perkins..

The jury has now heard from several witnesses who were there when Perkins allegedly said the words, "Give it to me, " at which point, according to testimony, Austin Rousseau gave the colt .45 handgun to Perkins.

Witnesses go on to describe attempts by a couple of witnesses to disarm Perkins-- but to no avail.

The witnesses confirm Perkins was pointing the gun toward Gueringer when the fatal shot was fired. Rick Bryant is prosecuting the case. "The essence of the testimony of the witnesses is that there's a fight that occurred, that the defendant arrived with a gun, while there he loaded the gun. People tried to take the gun from him. He broke free, he pointed the gun. As you've heard from the testimony, pointed it at a crowd of people, specifically at Daniel Gueringer. He pulled the trigger and shot. Daniel fell, mortally wounded and then he took off."

Later in the day, Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon took the stand and told how he called out the SWAT team, how they were looking for Bryce Perkins and eventually arrested him on Tank Farm Road and how a search warrant was later served at Perkins father's house where the gun was found under a tool shed.

Through cross examination the defense is trying to suggest that Perkins never intended to shoot Gueringer--that the gun, perhaps, went off accidentally or as a result of a struggle.  Explains Bryant, "Whenever a crime like this is committed we have to look at the intent of the defendant. When he pulled that trigger was his intent to kill or cause great bodily home and that's what the jury has to decide. Obviously, we feel very strongly, through the testimony of our witnesses, that we'll be able to prove the elements of second degree murder. But it does not mean that the jury will return with that. That's a jury function."

At some point,  the jury will get to hear a video statement of Perkins' version of the events that night.

You can stay on top of what's happening from inside the courtroom.  We've been blogging live with moment by moment developments and will resume when court re-convenes in the morning.  To read the blogs from Monday and Tuesday click here.

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