Dry Creek mother and two children killed in house fire

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHALRES, LA (KPLC) –  Flames engulfed a dry creek home killing a mother and her two young children in Dry Creek Wednesday morning. Patricia Kreuzberger, 40, and her two children Mya, 10, and Nichole, 5, were trapped inside the home at the time, but Fire Marshal Butch Browning says they probably died in their sleep without awakening to a smoke alarm.

"It's a very limited amount of evidence that's left. The building burnt to the ground. When the fire department arrived the entire building was burning. They could not even get inside to attempt a rescue," explained Browning.

The father, Scott Kreuzberger, was working offshore as a boat captain at the time of the fire. When he received the news his pastor, Charlie Bailey, at Dry Creek Baptist Church said, "He's really broken...upset...has lots of questions. He spoke to both of his girls [the night before the fire] and they were wanting to know when he was coming home and he talked to his wife before he went to sleep."

The once single-family home is now in ruins and fire officials say they can barely make out where the walls once stood. Browning warns, "In the days to come in the winter time in south Louisiana we'll have more deaths to come if people don't check if they have a working smoke alarm."

"Not only our church but our community has really surrounded him [Scott Kreuzberger] a lot and he's felt that. One of the first things he said to me in the truck is he was really angry at first, but that it just came to him that he knows the lord has a reason," said Bailey.

Scott Kreuzberger lost his wife and two daughters, but also has a son living in Alexandria. The fire is still under investigation and Browning said it will take several weeks to complete.

If you would like to donate to the family you can contact Dry Creek Baptist Camp at 337-328-7531.

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