Sulphur woman living in Cairo shares experiences

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A woman from Sulphur is currently teaching in Cairo and living under the strict curfew conditions in the midst of the political unrest in Egypt.

Beth Warner has been teaching the 2nd grade at an English language school in Cairo since October. Warner said this is the first time she has seen any type of political unrest since she moved in to Cairo.

"It was mainly people chanting and carrying signs in downtown Cairo," said Warner.

While Beth's neighborhood has been untouched, she is still affected by the strict curfew in the city.

"The state media has kind of been encouraging this panic about mass chaos," said Warner. "There's a lot of fear and concern on the part of average everyday Egyptians so they set up these neighborhood watches."

Congressman Charles Boustany is currently working with his office to bring home Louisianans working the oil industry in Cairo.

"My office has fielded some calls and we're trying to work with the state departments to get those families back safely," said Congressman Charles Boustany with the Seventh District of Louisiana.

Boustany fears oil and food prices could be on the increase if trade were to stop on the Suez Canal.

"The Suez Canal is one of the key transit points for oil globally," said Boustany. "It's a major concern to us from the standpoint of our energy security."

Boustany argues this is the time to look for energy production here at home in Louisiana.

"It makes no sense to have a moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico and to shut down American energy production at a time when we're seeing this kind of unrest in the Middle East," said Boustany.

Despite the political unrest in Egypt, the Sulphur native said she does not plan on leaving her new home.

"I have an apartment and I'm settled here," said Warner. "I guess it might sound crazy to some of your viewers, but for me it really has been safe and I'm not ready to just pick up and leave."

Warner is a 2005 graduate of Sulphur High School. The Sulphur native studied at the American University of Cairo for a year prior to moving there to teach English.

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