Cypress Cove Elementary attendance zones announced

The following is a news release from the Calcasieu Parish School Board:

The Calcasieu Parish School Board has determined new attendance zones for Cypress Cove Elementary.

All students affected by the re-zoning of Cypress Cove (formerly D. S. Perkins), Frasch, W. T. Henning and Vincent Settlement Elementary Schools will be notified by mail in the very near future of their new school assignments.

In order to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the adjusted zones for these schools, all students currently enrolled in Cypress Cove, Frasch, W. T. Henning and Vincent Settlement Elementary Schools will be required to verify their address at the school during the registration process at the start of the 2011-2012 school year.  The parents/guardians of the students in these four schools will be notified by mail and through the media of the dates, times and information required to register their child and verify their address.

Child Welfare and Attendance personnel will be at each of these four schools during registration to help with these verifications.  Any question concerning a student's address will require a visit to the home prior to a permit to register being issued.

Cypress Cove Elementary Zone Descriptions

North Boundary

From the intersection of Choupique Road and Highway 90 West, East on Highway 90 West to Stegal Road; Stegal Road North to West Burton Street; East on West Burton Street to the City Limit Line; North along the City Limit Line to Sim Portie Road; Sim Portie Road East to North Claiborne; North Claiborne to just North of North Majestic Oak Drive; East to Live Oak Street

East Boundary

From the North end of Live Oak Street; South to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks; West along the tracks to just West of Kim Street; South along the West end of Tana Street to Parish Road; East along Parish Road to just West of Todd Street; South to Carlyss Dr. excluding Wanda and Boice Streets; Carlyss Drive to West Dave Dugas Road

South Boundary

From the intersection of West Dave Dugas Road and Carlyss Drive, North side of Dave Dugas Road West to Choupique Road; Choupique Road to the intersection of Gum Island Road

West Boundary

From the intersection of Gum Island Road and Choupique Road; Choupique Road North to Highway 90 West

* Wanda and Boice Streets will remain W.T. Henning zone

Descriptions and a map may also be found on the website.