Some LC homeowners being overcharged for insurance

By Brandon Richards - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC-TV) – The Lake Charles Fire Department has received dozens of calls from citizens concerned about the rate they are being charged for homeowner's insurance.

The insurance rate for some has gone up significantly over the last several weeks.

Fire officials say it's because of a mistake made by the insurance company.

Officials say insurance companies are overcharging clients because the companies are using incorrect fire ratings. Fire ratings measure what kind of fire service your home receives base upon complex mathematical formulas.

The higher the rating, the less protected you are and the more you pay. The lower the rating, the more protected you are and the less you pay.

Residents in Ward 3 District 2 should have a Class 4 fire rating. Residents within the city limits of Lake Charles should have a Class 2 rating.

Some residents have complained of being charged for a Class 10 rating.

Part of the complex formula that determines fire ratings is distance from fire stations. Officials say the insurance companies are the ones who are at fault, mainly because they don't have the correct latitude and longitude of area fire stations and are subsequently overcharging customers.

Fire officials say they are working with the insurance companies to correct the errors. Officials say it's best if resident let the fire department work out the error with the insurance companies instead of individuals calling for themselves, because the insurance companies want to know a lot of information not readily available to the general public.

Any citizen who lives in Ward 3 Dist. 2 or within the Lake Charles city limits who thinks they've been overcharged should call Robin Rhorer at LCFD at 491-1360.

You can also download and fill out an inquiry form which you can send in to the LCFD by clicking here.

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