Wrong fire rating causes some to see increase in homeowner's ins.

The following is a news release from the City of Lake Charles:

Some Citizens within the City & Ward 3 District 2 Being Charged for Insurance Fire Class Rating of 10

Within the last several weeks, the Lake Charles Fire Department has received calls from concerned citizens stating that the rate they are being charged for homeowner's insurance has gone up significantly based on their Fire Rating being designated a Class 10 by the insurance company.

The Fire Rating for citizens within the city limits of the City of Lake Charles is a Class 2 and the Fire Rating for the Ward 3 District 2 area is a Class 4.

Any citizen within the city limits of Lake Charles or within Ward 3 District 2 who has seen an increase in their insurance policy based on a Fire Rating of Class 10 should call Robin Rhorer at the Lake Charles Fire Department, 491-1360, for assistance in support of their correct Class Rating with the insurance company.