Lake Charles passes tougher residency restrictions for sex offenders

The following is a news release from The City of Lake Charles:

On January 19, the City Council passed Ordinance Number 15739, which amended the Code of Ordinances of the City of Lake Charles "to adopt residency restrictions for sex offenders living within the corporate boundaries of the City of Lake Charles."

All persons defined in Louisiana Revised Statue 15.542 will be required to register and provide notification as a sex offender or child predator in accordance with the provisions of the new ordinance.

The ordinance details new registration requirements, including: the new initial registration fee and renewal fee, notification requirements, penalties for failure to register, duration of registration and notification period, and prohibitions for convicted sex offenders.

The ordinance becomes effective and enforceable 180 days after the date of execution of the ordinance, January 20.

To view or print Ordinance 15739 online, visit the City of Lake Charles Web site at, go to "Departments," and then to the "City Council" web page.

A copy of the ordinance can also be viewed upon request at the Clerk of Council Office located at City Hall, 4th floor, 326 Pujo St.