Suspect named in Millennium Park arson investigation

Arrest made in Millennium Park arson

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A suspect has been named in the investigation of the blaze that destroyed Millennium Park.

17-year-old Seth Arceneaux has been arrested and charged with simple arson. He is being held on a bond of $60,000.

The Lake Charles Police Department held a news conference Monday afternoon to discuss the arson investigation and name Arceneaux as a suspect.

"This investigation is continuing. We anticipate at least one more arrest in this investigation. For those of you in the listening audience: if you were there that night and you saw what happened you need to come forward. You need to come down as a witness because if we have to run you down - you're going to be brought in as a subject," said Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon.

In addition to announcing the arrest of a suspect, it was said during the news conference that authorities with the Lake Charles Police Department would like to talk with a tipster with the number 2011-R-020. If this is the number given to you, you are asked to call Detective Franklin Fondel at 302-8207.

Lake Charles Fire Chief Keith Murray said he's glad they've been able to get some closure to a case that has generated a huge public outcry.

"I hope we are able to continue and close this case. This is the most pressure that our department has felt in quiet a few years over something that was so obvious. Day, morning, noon and night - it was on the news and people wanted answers and I'm very, very glad that it's finally happened," said Murray.

Also, Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach said the city plans on rebuilding Millennium Park "bigger and better." He says there are meetings on the issue scheduled for Monday afternoon, and a presentation will be made at Tuesday night's Council Agenda meeting.

"We have made it very clear that we want to rebuild Millennium Park bigger and better. And I want to ensure to all of the young children that may be listening to what we are saying here this afternoon that our interest is you. We are concerned about the future, we are concerned about safety. We are concerned about security. And again the new park is going to be something that children will enjoy, their parents will be proud of and the community will be supportive of," said Mayor Roach.

Officials hope to begin the rebuild this summer and are hopeful the park could be open this fall.

Damages from the fire earlier this month are estimated at $190,000.

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