Robo-surgery first of its kind in Louisiana

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHALRES, LA (KPLC) – It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but robotic surgery is truly the wave of the future. Beau Faul, RN at Christus St. Patrick Hospital, works with the robot everyday, but after diagnosed with a tumor in his kidney, Faul moved from operating room to operating table.

"It was surreal, when I found out I couldn't even call my wife. I'm 32 years old, I have young kids and I have cancer. It was the first thing in my mind really it was surreal," explained Faul.

The Davinci robot had not been used for kidney tumor removal until Beau's operation. It allows surgeons to make only four tiny cuts instead of a large incision. Patients can recover faster with smaller wounds said Dr. Farjaad Siddiq, Director of Robotic Surgery at Christus St. Patrick Hospital.

Dr. Siddiq removed Beau's tumor successfully making it the first procedure of this kind in Louisiana.

"This is not an experimental treatment. This isn't something we just came up with and we have a machine and we're playing with it. I think that this is the most common way to do prostate cancer surgery in the United States," said Dr. Siddiq.

Faul said he shares his personal experience with every new patient.

"I tell them look I've been there. I've done this. Your team is the same team that I had and you can see their expressions on their face just ease," said Faul.

The robot goes through thousands of tests and diagnostics before each surgery, so they have had no glitches in the five years of use at Christus ST. Patrick Hospital.

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