Group to score overall appearance of Lake Charles

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - First impressions go a long way. To see that Lake Charles makes a good one to visitors - in comes volunteers with the Beautification Program.

"Our focus is to get everything litter free and picture perfect," said Lollion Elmer.

Elmer has been helping with city cleanup for years. She says this is the most aggressive volunteer-driven effort in a long time.

"We're going to be looking for litter, junk cars, graffiti, tall grass - any eyesores. We're going to put them down and take note of them," explained Elmer.

From South Lake Charles to Moss Bluff, they've divided the city into ten districts. Every Wednesday volunteers will drive down the streets scoring each district on a 100-point scale. Little things can make a difference too like well manicured lawns, edging and landscaping.

"We are going to put the scores and problem areas on a map and then we're going to target them for cleanup," said Elmer. "The City of Lake Charles will then take our suggestions and decide on the appropriate action to take."

Another thing the Beautification Program hopes to accomplish is to win the "Cleanest City Award" to prove Lake Charles is not only a great place to live but a good place to do business.

"We want people to come back. So this will be ongoing. It's not going to be a one time thing and stop after we win the cleanest city contest," said Elmer.

They'll score the districts every quarter. Each time documenting their progress. Elmer hopes it will encourage residents and business owners to get involved: "We want people to take pride in it. Once we educate the community - I know they are going to come on board and support us."

The Cleanest City Contest will be judged in April. Meanwhile, if you would like to volunteer with the Beautification Program you can call Lollion Elmer at 439-3896.

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