New year, new body

By Elizabeth Temple - bio | email

LAKE CHALRES, LA (KPLC) - The timeless new year resolution – to lose weight – actually stuck with Laura St. George long past January. At her heaviest St. George weighed 290 pounds, but after gastric bypass and daily workouts she is down seven pant sizes to around 140 pounds.

"Walking short distances was really making me short of breath and I'm pretty sure I have sleep apnea. I just wasn't diagnosed with it and I'm sure diabetes was next on the list" said St. George about her health prior to the weight loss.

She went from size 26 to size eight in 18 months. St. George kick-started the diet with gastric bypass surgery, but says that can only do so much.

"They [doctors] told us from the very start that this is just a tool to help you achieve your goal weight. You're still going to have to work at it and watch what you eat" explained St. George.

She eats small meals including a piece of fruit every two hours. When the weight started falling off her friends were shocked.

"It was very drastic when I first started losing! A lot of people thought I was sick. They said, 'Are you alright?' I said, 'Oh's intentional,'" said St. George.

Her mantra for other dieters: "Take it slowly, don't set high goals for yourself. Set small goals and when you achieve those go on to the next goal. Eventually it will come off."

She does more than an hour workout everyday and said she loves every minute of it.

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