Senior Report: Faye Blackwell & MLK

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA. (KPLC) -She's tight lipped about her age but Faye Brown Blackwell is the founder of the MLK festival and breakfast that started some 27 years ago.

It's an event that brings many people from throughout the community together-- and an opportunity to celebrate our differences and what we have in Common. It's also grown to be an event that showcases many youth in the community and their talents-- from music to civic involvement and expression. Fifty grader Dajanae Doucett read her award willing essay. " I know I will be faced with many challenges. I will stay positive, focused, word hard and strive to do my best. Sometimes I will fall but I will get up."

And the woman behind much of it is Blackwell who helped start it 27 years ago. She hopes to share with others the goodness and inspiration she draws from the life and words of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.  "I think that the different barriers that have been knocked down over these 27 years, I can see that in 27 more years even more barriers are going to be knocked down."

And she appreciates the chance to encourage young people to become good, productive citizens concerned about others and their community. "People don't like each other sometimes because they don't know each other, don't know their ways. And we don't have to agree with their ways. We don't have to make their ways our ways but we ought to know something about each other's ways."

And though she may not be around forever she hopes they will carry on the firmly established traditions shared together. "My dream for the future is to continue to move in the direction of which we move today."

Other events honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's legacy continue this weekend. Monday the annual MLK parade gets underway at eleven.

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