Dog flu vaccines on the way for sheltered animals

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Calcasieu Parish Office of Animal Services will be providing canine influenza vaccinations to sheltered animals funded through the "Building Community Immunity Grant."

The grant will provide almost 4,608 doses of canine influenza to dogs in the animal shelter. The vaccine doses are worth more than $41,000.

Animal Services applied for the grant after seeing an increasing number of dog influenza cases at the animal shelter. Anne Godeaux, the adoption coordinator for Animal Services, said the vaccinations will better assist the shelter in keeping the dogs healthier.

"It's important because it's less that we have to spend on feeding and taking care of them," said Godeaux.

The department hopes keeping the animals in good health will lead to more dog adoptions from the shelter.

"It helps keep the morale up here because the less we euphemize, the more we find homes for," said Godeaux.

Animal Services is also hoping to stop the spread of K-9 influenza throughout the state of Louisiana.

"Maybe this will help other shelters get on board to do something about getting their animals vaccinated with the same vaccine because the only way to keep diseases under control is to have more of the vaccine being given," said Godeaux.

The animal shelter expects to receive the vaccinations soon. Residents who adopt a dog from Animal Services will be informed if their new pet has been vaccinated for the disease.

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