Jennings Police form drug team to combat problem

By Lee Peck - bio | email

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Big city problems for small town Jennings. It's no secret they've had their share of drug problems. But with a new police chief comes a new initiative to combat the concerns of residents.

"When I got here, I went around to the civic groups and door to door as well and the number one thing people were concerned about was the drug problem in Jennings. Just like any other city - we are not immune to it," said Chief Todd D'Albor.

Drugs dealers and drug addicts and the crime they bring with them has been a longtime concern in Jennings. Drugs have also been deadly - the underlying tone and one of the connections in the deaths of 8 women in Jeff Davis Parish.

D'Albor's solution: a drug team consisting of five officers with special training.

"We are going to direct these units to the neighborhoods having problems," said D'Albor.

He also explains it won't cost any extra money. Operating under his existing budget, he's managed to nearly double the patrol officers he has on the streets at given times - targeting the drugs while also focusing on the other daily issues.

"Of my five patrol officers per shift - I've taken one from each shift plus my narcotics agent to form a team of five officers that will focus on the drug problem," said D'Albor. "I feel very good about it. You think about nine police officers on the streets and going after problems for the size of the city. I think we are taking a major step to get the crime out of Jennings."

Since the program was implemented last Thursday they have made three drug arrests. The latest arrest came Monday night when a traffic stop led to the discovery of more than half a pound of marijuana.

"We're going to be very intense. We're going to do it right. We are going to make sure we follow all the guidelines and policies set forth but we are going to be very aggressive towards getting relief for those people who want peace," said D'Albor.

So drug dealers and users beware: "The Jennings Police Department is committed and we are going to come and get you," said D'Albor.