Jeff Davis Parish Jail prisoner fights with guards

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - A Jeff Davis inmate was hospitalized Sunday after an altercation with prison guards.

Sheriff Ricky Edwards says a guard was attempting to move Byron Chad Jones from his cell when Jones refused to cooperate. The guard called in for backup and when Jones continued to be uncooperative, the guards used pepper spray against the inmate.

Jones then charged at the guards, so in response he was shot with a bean bag from what's known as a non-lethal weapon. Even after being knocked down, Jones got back up and charged the guards again, but this time the guards manually subdued him.

Jones was taken to a Jennings hospital to be checked out, and was later returned to the jail once he was cleared.

He is currently awaiting trial, accused of stabbing a woman in the mouth during an altercation. He was also arrested back in 2006 in connection with the death of Ernestine Daniels Patterson. Those charges were later dismissed due to lack of evidence and unreliable witnesses.

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