Saints fans react to Saturday's loss against the Seahawks

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Still riding on last year's Super Bowl high, no one anticipated a Saints loss against the Seattle Seahawks. What was supposed to be the beginning of promising post season play ended in disappointment for many fans.

"There was plenty of things they should not have done. Seriously, that's too much to put on camera," said lifelong Saints fan, Ashley Bell.

Just like after most upsetting losses, it was not long before fans started to show off their coaching skills, offering some insight as to why the Saints lost.

"I just think they were too injured. I think we had too many people injured," said Michael Robinson.

"There was so many chances in the game where they did terrible plays. They could have been a game changer," said Ashley Bell.

All things considered, most agree the Saints had a good season. Rather than focusing on the negative many are looking forward to next season.

"They'll come back again next year. We'll always stand for out Saints," said one fan.

"I think they can make another Super Bowl, " said Quinn Bult.

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