Census report shows more Americans living in poverty

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The number of people living in poverty in the U.S. has soared even higher than before with one in 6 Americans living in poverty, according to preliminary census figures.

The figures show that the number of elderly people living in poverty saw the largest increase of 16.1 percent. The census report adds that this is due to rising medical care and other costs.

According to the Housing Authority for the City of Lake Charles, all 80 units at the Golden Arms Apartments are almost filled with elderly residents living on fixed income. Apartment officials added that a significant number of those individuals remain unemployed.

Deidrel Lubin, apartment manager for Golden Arms, said the rising amount of tenants at Golden Arms is a result of fluctuations in the economy.

"The economy may bounce back, but their social security increases are at a standstill," said Lubin.

Georgia Davis, a disabled Golden Arms resident, said she is struggling to make ends meet with paying for her medication out of pocket.

"Sometimes I go to the doctor and he'll ask if I had vegetables, then I tell him that I had what I could afford," said Davis.

The census report also mentions that poverty could have dropped from 15.7% to 12.4% if the elderly weren't forced to pay out of pocket expenses.

"I think if we could get more help then we would be able to better subsidize and get food that we need," said Davis.

The Housing Authority for the City of Lake Charles plans to have specific figures for lake area residents in poverty by the end of January.

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