Guilty verdict in Robert Wilkins Trial

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Guilty verdict in the of murder trial of Robert Wilkins. The verdict was announced around 7:30pm Thursday evening, about three and a half hours after the jury got the case.

Wilkins was found of guilty of second degree murder in the September 2004 killing of Tony Fontenot.

In his final words to the jury, prosecutor Tony Clayton said this incident was "cold blooded murder" and that Wilkins has "ice cold water running through his veins". He refuted the self defense argument and said Wilkins "anointed himself God and sucked the life out of Tony Fontenot".

Clayton told jurors "if second degree murder were a suit, it would be tailor made for Wilkins" and asked them to find him guilty.

In the defense's closing words, attorney Richard Bourke told jurors though Wilkins was a "drug addict, drug trafficker and had drug debt", he still deserves protection of the law afforded to one who commits justifiable homicide because they are afraid for their life.

Bourke says Wilkins "thought he was about to be killed and was trying to get away from Fontenot", who Wilkins says told him, "I'm going to kill you."

Prosecutors say the evidence did not show Fontenot made any threatening moves and that "you can't kill someone over a verbal confrontation".

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