Storm surge levee complete near Promenade

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you're wanting to experience the Lakefront Promenade, getting access to it from Clarence Street just became a little easier. Up until last week, that end of Bord du Lac Drive had been closed for construction of a levee system aimed at protecting the area from storm surge.

"We are well aware we need to protect this area near the Pithon Cooley from storm surge. It was one of the priorities we identified after Hurricane Rita," said Lori Marinovich, Lake Charles Downtown Development Director.

Partnering with Gravity District Four, Marinovich explained they determined the levee needed to be at least 10 feet to make a difference in the area should another storm come our way.

"Ten feet was where we picked that elevation so that we can help contain some of that surge and keep it from actually going back into the properties and private properties and businesses that are located back in that watershed," said Marinovich.

With a multi-million dollar commercial development expected to get underway in the next year or so city leaders believe it's good investment.

"This is really setting the stage and the pallet and the quality for all of that new development that the city leaders are considering," said Marinovich.

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