Dog sitter seeks help healing dog injured in break-in

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A lake area family caring for a loved one's small dog is seeking help paying for veterinarian care after the pet was severely hurt in a break-in.

Joe Meche from Lebleu Settlement was dog sitting his mother's dog, Maybeline, when burglars apparently struck their home when they were out to dinner almost a week ago. The pet was left stomped on and severely hurt outside when the family got home.

"We found her outside the house and she was dragging so we knew there was something wrong," said Joe Meche, the dog sitter for Maybeline.

According to their veterinarian, Maybeline suffered a fractured pelvis, hip, and legs. The costs for the pet's veterinarian bills starts at $1500.

"I feel like you know you come in my house, you take what you want but I mean when you've got a helpless little animal as small as she is, you know she can't do no harm so why torture her," said Joe Meche, the dog sitter for Maybeline.

Meche's mother, Kathy Meche, could not believe an intruder would do this to her little dog while she was away visiting her other son in Montana.

"She's little, she couldn't hurt anybody," said Kathy Meche, the dog owner.

Meche also worried about how she could afford the veterinarian bills to care for her dog's severe injuries.

"My husband has been out of work a month, and we had no money to fix her," said K. Meche.

The grandchildren in the Meche family agreed to give up their Christmas gifts to help pay for Maybeline's vet care.

"She's part of our family too," said Taylor Meche, Kathy's granddaughter. "I would give up my Christmas presents to save this dog because I love her."

This act of kindness was a heartwarming moment for Kathy Meche.

"I'm glad that they have a good heart," said K. Meche. "I hated that they gave up their gifts this year, but they love me and they love the dog."

The family is paying for the majority of the vet bills through loans. If you would like to help out the family, contact us for that information.

So far there are no leads into who broke in to the Meche's home.

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