Man leads campaign to recall Jindal

By Brandon Richards- bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC-TV) – An Opelousas man is spearheading an effort to recall Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Ronnie Ceasar said Jindal should be recalled because he's neglected the state's most vulnerable, including college students and the elderly. Ceasar does not agree with the recent cuts to education.

"He should be brought up on charges—malfeasance in office," said Ceasar. "We the people are suffering and Governor Jindal is flying around, eating steaks, going to New York and California on our state time when he should be running the government here."

Ceasar faces an uphill climb.

He has to collect more than 900,000 signatures from registered Louisiana voters. History is not on his side either. No Louisiana governor has ever been recalled.

Jindal remains popular, but Ceasar said he doesn't put a lot of stock into polls who reflect this.

"They never called me," said Ceasar.

Ceasar himself is not free from criticism.

Allegations surfaced this week that Ceasar listed his wife as co-chair of his recall petition campaign without her permission.

"That's a lie and I won't entertain it," said Ceasar.

Jindals' office said they are not worried about Ceasar's recall petition.

"We will present a balanced budget this spring that makes necessary reductions to live within our means while protecting critical services like higher education and health care," said Gov. Jindal's Press Secretary Kyle Plotkin. "Those who don't want to make reductions in spending want to raise taxes…that would be one of the worse thing we could do, especially as we are working to grow our economy and protect and create jobs."

But Ceasar says he won't give up.

"Abraham Lincoln I think failed about eight or nine times," said Ceasar. "He never gave up so I rest my cases."

For more information on the recall campaign, voters in Southwest Louisiana are advised to call Dr. Nancy Shepard, the regional vice-chair for the recall campaign, at (337) 436-5925.

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